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Whether through motivational events or through ministry events, we strive to bring about positive change in the world, starting with one group at a time!


We conduct a variety of workshops specifically designed to enhance lives. One of which is an inter active relationships workshop! Fun & educational!

HUMS Director Rhonda Knight 

International Author,

Motivational Speaker & Minister


Rhonda Knight takes you on a journey of surviving attempted murder and rape in this true account of her story. click on the book above for more details and to order your copy now!

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Our founder

Let me start out with giving you a little history. After the crime happened to me, I spoke with a friend John Hettig of New Zealand. He suggested that I go out and speak and also start a website. I pondered what I should call my organization and website too, of course. I thought about how I felt deflated and needed uplifting. Uplifting in my heart, my mind and my soul; that was it! I know many women have to feel this same way too. Uplifting Hearts, Minds & Souls! I came up with the acronyms for it by utilizing the four beginning letters in the title. I know you’re wondering why it is HUMS instead of UHMS well simply because uhms is how most victims feel when it comes to remembering things; we have a vocabulary full of uhms! Uhm I forgot this, uhm I can’t remember that etc. So we transposed the h and the u around for a much nicer sounding word. HUMS, usually when a person “hums” they are happy. I liked that picture. Uplifting Hearts, Minds & Souls (HUMS) was born in 2007!

It became a non-profit in Michigan then Georgia. It quickly grew in helping people through our efforts like educational events, self defense training in 2007-2008 in Michigan, resource literature, speaking engagements, workshops, ministry, the HUMS website, us providing connections for people to get help through shelters, working with other organizations, counseling referrals, and body guard referrals too back in Michigan in 2007-2008 and much more!

A lot of wonderful people volunteered  and helped to make this happen and it was awesome to see how many people we helped. We used to have a guest book and open forum on our previous HUMS website where many people told their stories or left comments on how they love what we do and what we provide through our website. Because of all that I do, I had to briefly stop our non-profit for a short time but not the work that we do to help others, that continued. Now I've re-vamped some things and we are back in full swing as a 501c3 non-profit, making a difference in 2016! Contact us for volunteer opportunities!

We still plan to build HUMS Healing Centers that will encompass a wide variety of things and provide shelters for women & children. Once we get the funding that portion will be operational. Until then, we will continue in the fight to stop violence toward women, and against people! 

"What we do" is listed all throughout this website, so go on, take a look around and if you need us, we will be there!


Making a difference in peoples lives!

Rhonda Knight, Founder


Body, mind & soul transformation, to make one the best they can be! Coming soon in 2016! Pre-order now by clicking on the book above now!

I want to welcome you here to our

HUMS website!

I started HUMS in 2007 after being a survivor of a crime myself. I realized the need to reach out to others who may have been a survivor as well. I had to personally overcome the whole aftermath of surviving attempted murder and rape and I knew how difficult that was for me. I sought information to help me and to help others. I decided to put that information at your finger tips with a site that is informative, easily navigated and resourceful. My goal was to also create a place where anyone could visit to gain a wealth of knowledge for themselves or to help others. Please visit each page and don't forget the drop down pages too. If you would like to read my full BIO and if you'd like to book me to speak, visit www.bookrhondaknight.com Also click on the books below to order. My story is an amazing testimony, read about it in "Blessed Survivor" and you can even read a little about it here on the "newspaper article" page!

Find out more, click on the link www.bookrhondaknight.com business: 678 667-2311 Email: rhondaknight@bookrhondaknight.com



We present seminars to make a difference in the lives of many.  As well as a variety of training.