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The following article was written to be published on an internet newspaper site that had featured an article about my story. My niece had mentioned to me that my story was on several internet sites and to my surprise, she was right.....this is a copy of my response to an article written.



He kept trying to cut my throat, then he stabbed me in my eye……. sadly this is apart of my story. It was also the story featured here on June 14th, 2007. The headlines read “Michigan Man Arrested For Beating, Stabbing And Raping Woman”. I actually cried when I heard that my story was all over the news, in the paper and even on the internet. What happened to me was so painful and personal and I felt that my life had been exposed to the whole world. Now I tell my story to help others. I’m a survivor of attempted murder and rape. Charles Blue Jr. decided he wanted to murder me then commit suicide. He and I dated in early 2006 then ended our dating that same year but remained friends. My ending our friendship on June 3rd of this year is the beginning of my nightmare.

The following Sunday night he lured me over to his apartment, then proceeded to punch me nonstop in the face with all his might. He was very angry and enraged and told me that he tricked me into coming over so that he could cut my throat than cut his throat. He said that the only way we were leaving there was in body bags. He sliced my flesh open on my hand and arms which were up in a protective mode trying to shield my face from the blows he inflicted and to block him from cutting my throat. He tried several times to cut my throat open, however the knife that sliced me open easily everywhere else would not slice my neck. I truly believe that was God’s intervention. He also stabbed me in my left eye. I felt the blade go into my eyeball and out. I thought my eye was going to deflate or gush fluids. He also raped me that night.

This is a very condensed version of my horrendous experience. Go to www.rhondaknight.com to order and read my whole story which includes how I got away, in my book, "Blessed Survivor". See what I’m doing to bring victory out of tragedy by reading my BIO there and by visit www.h-u-m-s.org to see what we are doing there too! You see, I did not want to be a victim but I chose to be a survivor! One who reaches out to others who have been victimized. One who’d educate our nation and motivate our communities to get involved. One who’d fight to get tougher laws in place for abusers and offenders. One who’d reach out to the world to financially assist us in securing housing, building several centers and temporary shelters for women and their children as well as providing training, workshops and a TV show all in our efforts to help.  Although we’ve started our first office in Michigan and then in Atlanta Georgia, we still plan to expand our organization across the country.

 Now I want to share with you some of these other headlines similar to my headline above mentioned.


“Rape, Murder Charges for Dad in Baby Death”   He also beat the Mother as they were on the way to the hospital with the baby.    12/03/07                                  

“Husband Charged with Murder in Wife's Fatal Fall” 12/27/07

“Former boyfriend charged with murder in death of Eli Lilly drug representative” “Franklin (the victim) had filed a Police report about threatening phone calls she received from a man she dated briefly.” 12/08/07

“Five dead, including 3 children, in murder-suicide” LAYTONSVILLE, Md. (AP) - Police in Maryland say a man shot and killed his ex-Wife and their three children in a park yesterday before killing himself. 11/23/07

“Detroit-area EMT kills Wife, wounds Son, then kills self” 11/26/07

“Police find missing JSU student's body, charge ex-boyfriend with……” 11/29/07

“Grant Pleads Guilty to Mutilation” Stephen Grant mutilates his Wife, Tara 12/07/07


“Woman Stabbed By Live-In Boyfriend” 10/24/07

“Woman Hospitalized After Being Beaten, Stabbed In Church” 10/03/07

“Man Arraigned On Suspicion Of Stabbing Ex-Wife, Son”

“Waitress Stabbed To Death At Orlando Denny's”

“A 40-year-old Denny's waitress was fatally stabbed in the neck and chest in front of dozens of customers and children at the tourist-filled International Drive...”


June 12, 2007, Canton MI - Charles Blue, Jr., 38, of Canton, was arraigned this morning on charges of Assault with Intent to Murder, two counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct, and 1 count of Felonious Assault, in the attack of his estranged girlfriend.

WDIV Channel 4 “Man Charged In Beating, Rape Case”

These last headlines refer to my story and this is a picture of the man who tried to kill me. The Judge later added an additional CSC (criminal sexual conduct) count. Bringing the total counts against this man to five counts. On the day of finally going to trial, and after many court dates, Charles Blue took the plea bargain and pled guilty just before the trial was to start that morning. He only received fifteen to twenty five years although several of these counts carried life sentences. The five counts were reduced to three counts. I feel the twenty five years should have been the minimum and forty plus years the maximum. Laws need to be tougher.

The thing is, people just like you, who read or hear stories such as mine or like the headlines I’ve placed in this article, will sympathize for the moment and then you’ll go on with your life. What you don’t realize is that there is a person who is still hurting, still suffering in many ways including post traumatic stress syndrome/disorder, still battling fear among a long list of other distressful challenges. The crime in itself is horrific enough, however it is the aftermath that is a struggle to overcome. This is true of the victim if they survived, but if the person didn’t live, then there is a family who is going through these things as well. Parents, children and loved ones stricken with pain, grief, sadness, hurt and a need to understand why. The healing process for victims and/or their families can last for years even with counseling.

Let me tell you what it is like from a survivor’s prospective. My life changed drastically, I had not returned to my residence afterward, I went to my relative’s home after being released from the hospital. I was overwhelmed with fear and was afraid to go outside of my family’s home. I keep thinking he was still going to try to kill me, even though he was arrested immediately and bail was set very high. I thought he’d escape and come after me and so out fear, I panicked and on Father’s Day I had my family and friends along with their Wives and children move my things from my home and business into storage.

I had many other panic attacks besides the moving of my things. I didn’t feel safe in this world, I felt so vulnerable. I remember walking up to the courthouse and passing men and women and thinking to myself “are they going to hurt me, is he/she going to hit me or kill me!” I would have to talk to myself inwardly and say “no Rhonda, it’s alright, their just walking by, it’s ok” I’d have flashbacks of him trying to kill me every time I was alone or whenever I closed my eyes. I couldn’t sleep, I had to take sleeping pills or I’d take vicodin for the pain and because it made me drowsy. Neither really worked, it made me close my eyes, but my mind keep thinking and reliving things. I would be very jumpy and easily startled. It took weeks for me to drive again because too many things are happening when you drive and it was as if I was a big ball of unsettled nerves and too jittery to focus and not panic.

I also had uncontrollable crying spells. I didn’t even know why I was crying and could not stop. I also had days where I would be extremely sad. I could not control my emotions and on top of all of this, I couldn’t focus or remember things. Even simple things like spelling easy words or what terms were used in mortgages, which was the business I’d been doing for several years. These were just some of the challenges I faced. Needless to say, I thought I was going absolutely CRAZY!

I started professional counseling which helped a lot. My Counselor explained so many things to me, like the fact I was going through post traumatic stress disorder/syndrome which normally will occur after such a trauma. She said everything that I’ve been feeling is also normal and that I wasn’t going crazy, just healing. She said the healing journey could take years and even then I could still have flashbacks periodically. I will honestly tell you that I could see why people who’ve been through similar circumstances sometimes feel so defeated that they contemplate suicide or drug/alcohol use to cope with their state of mind. I certainly do not condone these types of negative means of coping with these issues; however I want you the readers to grasp the severity of the after effects on victims of violent crimes.

Please understand that I have always had a heart to help people. I’ve gotten involved in so many ways to make a difference in this world. For example, I’ve been a volunteer in my old community as an Auxiliary Police Officer; I’ve also been a foster Mom and have adopted two of my five Daughters. My point to this is that as much as I care about people and as much as I’ve gotten involved in helping others, I would have never ever thought that anyone that knew me would want to kill me. So I know that you probably feel that same way, but look at those headlines again. Don’t you think that maybe just maybe these women thought the same way too?

Think about it, I’m almost willing to bet that if you’re a woman reading this that you have experienced some form of abuse whether it is on a small or large scale. In the form of verbal, mental, or physical abuse or even sexual assault/abuse. If not than more than likely you know of someone who has. I feel this last statement holds true for every male or female reader of this article. I don’t mean to be so blunt, but the fact is what we keep seeing on the news and reading about is REAL and is happening at an alarming rate. The other point I’ll make is that these perpetrators are getting so bold in the murder or attempted murder of a woman that they’ll do it right in front of other people, like the man at Denny’s or the man who stabbed his girlfriend to death in front of a neighbors house that she fled to for help.

We have got to come together as a Nation and make a difference. I challenge you to do something in this fight to stop violence toward women. I pray that what you’ve read will stir something up on the inside of you. You see it’s great that you’ll probably leave a comment in the forum section here and perhaps on our website, but then what will you do?

Here are the challenges I place before you and these are suggestions of ways you can make a difference:

•     Get financially involved with an Organization dedicated to the cause. Give a one time donation or to be more effective in this fight give on a regular monthly bases. Visit our website at www.h-u-m-s.org and support us in our endeavors or select another organization that’s fighting for this cause.

•        Donate clothing, food etc. to a local Domestic Violence shelter

•        Find out how you can help to get the laws changed to be more tougher on abusers and offenders

•        Spread the word to others to get involved. Send them this article and tell them to please visit our website

I thank God that I have faith to know that it is God who saved me that night and that it is Him who keeps me even now and leads me on this mission to help stop the violence against women.

Written by Rhonda Knight the “Blessed Survivor”, Founder of Uplifting Hearts, Minds & Souls (H.U.M.S.)